Park-Zone Precision Parking Device

The Park-Zone Precision Parking Device is a new high-tech way of parking your vehicle with absolute accuracy. No more dents or scratches to your car! Park-Zone is an exceptionally innovative parking sensor device that provides a solution for depth perception as well as difficulty parking in an garage that is overcrowded with other objects. It is a a perfect guidance system for parking any vehicle. The installation of the Park-Zone device is simple. All you need to do is hang it on the wall of your garage. Next, you need to determine your “park zone”. You do so by setting the distance between your bumper and the garage wall, using the ultrasonic sensor, a patented technology. The Park-Zone device will help guide your vehicle safely and precisely into the garage. The unit runs off batteries. You won’t need to change them or turn off the device for an entire year. Dual power operates either on AC or on battery power. An AC adapter is included. The device requires 4 AA batteries (batteries not included). Parking sensors like the Park-zone Precision Parking Device can save you a lot of money in car repairs.

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