Now That You’ve Landed, Where Do You Go From Here?

Whether you fly to a far away destination for business or pleasure, once you land and pick up your luggage, will you know your way around? Pre-booking a limo or grabbing an airport taxi is the smartest way to go for a worry free beginning. Surely the plane ride was stressful enough. Do you really need the added stress of trying to find your hotel, resort or other accommodations through strange streets, highways and rush hour traffic?

Should you rent a car or hire your ride?

There are numerous reasons for consideration when it comes to this decision. Many contributing factors can come into play.

  • How’s your driving? If you aren’t the best driver in the world (and can be honest with yourself in that area) driving in a strange place isn’t going to make you any better. On the contrary in fact. Nervous drivers, people who can’t see well at night, people who are way too familiar with road rage… all reasons for hiring a driver.
  • Weather conditions involved. If you’re going on a ski trip, for example, you could run into some dicey weather conditions. Snow, fog, heavy downpours, flood conditions and more can turn a pleasant drive into a nightmare. Wouldn’t you rather sit back and listen to music while someone else deals with the road conditions and alternate routes?
  • Big city, big rush hours, big parking problems. All 3 are good arguments for leaving the driving to someone else. Even if you’re on business, do you really want the added stress of any of those situations? Surely you’ll have enough to deal with. And on vacation you’ll want to relax and enjoy. Not stress out over a parking a spot or sit in annoying traffic jams. What kind of a vacation is that?
  • Can you read a map? Maps and GPS systems are very helpful if you know how to use them. But being glued to a map or having all your attention focused on listening to the next direction from voice of a GPS isn’t exactly conducive to enjoying the sights, skylines and Mother Nature.

And on the other hand…

Some people just can’t stand to not be in charge. These people don’t care about the stress, they just insist on being behind the wheel. They want to hop in the rental and go. No waiting, no pre-booking, no fuss, no muss. It’s a personal decision folks. Maybe you just love to drive. Maybe you thrive on stress. Maybe you just love a challenge. Whatever it is, enjoy!

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