National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course

In order to avoid road accidents, one must learn how to drive defensively. According to the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course, defensive driving is “driving to save lives, time and money in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” Basically, it means we should be able to drive effectively and safely no matter what surprises come along our way. Defensive driving is not just about the knowledge of road rules and regulations and driving mechanics but the application of them in anticipation of any dangerous events. Here in this article are some tips for how to become a defensive driver.

You must take note of all preliminary driving safety precautions, including putting on seat belts, checking the mirror and adjusting car settings before turning on the engine.

Observe all road rules and regulations. Always be prepared to do evasive actions in response to errors done by other drivers without causing damage to other commuters.

Make sure that you have 100% visibility at all times, and that other drivers can see you as well. Always check your mirrors both rear and side mirrors to calculate your distance from other vehicles.

Take note of your speed. Drive according to the flow of the traffic as driving too slow or too fast can create accidents.

Always stay vigilant and sensitive to what is going on with the cars ahead of you. It will be easier for you to adjust and do necessary actions to avoid any accidents.

When driving for long trips, always make it a point to take breaks. It is very important to stay alert and obviously stay awake at all times. Driving for so long may cause sleepiness and exhaustion to drivers.

Defensive driving requires you to be quick to react, and to react properly to save lives around you and to minimize the damage caused by negligent drivers. Today, you can take a driving safety course offered by any number of private companies but there is no reason not to try it out from the National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course. All drivers should strive hard to become defensive drivers in order to make the road a safer place.

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