Is Someone Screaming While You Are Driving?

Yeah, it’s your brakes! Whatever kind of transportation you rely upon, that mode of transportation relies on its brakes. Brakes are nothing to fool around with or ignore. And ignoring early brake problems can lead to bigger and costlier brake problems. Ignoring those can lead to the unthinkable… the death of you, your loved one or the loved one of someone else.

Your car is trying to tell you something

Much like your body, your car usually gives you warning signs when something has gone or is beginning to go wrong. Brakes are one of those things. Here are a few hints that your car might be sending you regarding your brakes.

  • When you apply your brakes the grab or seem to be vibrating – your rotors might be warped due to overheating. There could also be a problem with those lovely anti lock brakes. Finally, it could be as simple as the alignment.
  • What’s that grinding noise? That’s going to be a severe wearing of your brake pads. If you don’t get them replaced now you’re going to be sorry because that’s going to lead to rotor damage. Your caliper and the disk are actually grinding against each other. Ouch.
  • Hey! Where are the brakes? The lack of braking response can be a sign due to a brake system leak (fluid or air). Your fluid is gone or low so the brake pedal has a ‘soft’ feeling when you press down on it. Sometimes there may be a puddle of brake fluid underneath the car from the leak.
  • Your car pulls to one side to the other when you apply the brakes – you’ve probably got uneven wear on the brake pads and it should be checked out.
  • And then there’s that horrible screaming – screeching, squealing… whatever you call it, it isn’t good. This is your brake indicator. Aptly named for its designation – to give you fair warning that you are going to need to replace those brakes. Sometimes, when there is water on your brakes, this sound will start up when your car does (from a sitting position). If that’s the cause it will dissipate momentarily. If it keeps up however, get your brakes looked at by a mechanic.

Warning systems of all types go ignored by people all the time. And there are usually consequences to be paid when that happens. If the increased cost of repairs isn’t enough to convince you to listen to your car, think about what you will do without it… because that’s where ignored repairs can lead to.

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