Is it Time to Look at Transmission Rebuild Kits?

One of the worst feelings you can have when driving your car is to push on the gas pedal, with it in gear and hear the engine rev but have the car go absolutely nowhere. This is a pretty good sign that the transmission has just gone out and can be pretty dangerous if you are on a busy freeway or trying to get up a hill. That is the last thing that anyone wants to happen, so rather than go down that route it is a good idea to check out the transmission rebuild kits and find the one for your transmission and do some rebuilding before it gets the point of just being gone.

To Rebuild the Transmission Yourself or Hire?

There is no doubt that everyone wants to save money. However, unless you really know what you are doing it is probably best to allow a professional to do the rebuilding for you. That does not mean though that you cannot find and purchase the rebuild kit. Often times you are going to save money by purchasing the rebuilding kit yourself and taking that to the mechanic to use when rebuilding the transmission.

Why Transmissions Need Rebuilding

Transmissions are full of moving parts. It stands to reason that those parts are going to wear out over time. It certainly helps to extend the life of the transmission when you check and kee the transmission fluid always full and use high quality fluid. It will also help the transmission if the driver of the vehicle is not so rough on it by stomping on the gas pedal or shifting gears too quickly. However, they will still wear out over time.

What Rebuilding Does for the Transmission

By rebuilding the transmission it will have not only extended life, but it will react quicker, as though it were new. Over time the gears in a transmission can wear down some and cause either a little delayed reaction, not as strong of a pull or even some slippages. When a rebuild is done a transmission will act as it did when it was new. In addition, it will be like new and ready to go again as though it were new.

The Complexities of the Transmission

One of the reasons transmissions are so complex and should be left to professionals to rebuild is because of all the moving parts that all rely on each other to perform properly. It is all designed to make sure that the car will hit the appropriate RPM’s under certain conditions. If things are not put back together correctly it can cause all kinds of issues. In addition, there are many special tools that are used to aid in taking it apart and reassembling it back together. These tools make it much easier and quicker. When you are choosing from the many transmission rebuild kits for the transmission that you have you are going to notice that some have more parts than others. This is because there are different levels of rebuilding. Depending on how old your transmission is and if there are current problems, along with how it looks when disassembled, the rebuilder may need to use more and fewer parts.

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