Independent Honda CRV Review – An Excellent Family Vehicle

The latest addition to the Honda CRV range is the 2012 model and it has managed to rank number four out of twenty affordable compact SUVs according to research published that assessed 25 different online reviews and test drives of this vehicle.  Honda state that they want the CRV to be an excellent family SUV that performs on both safety and performance test – and most reviews appear to back that claim up.

The 2012 model has been re-designed to feature more standard functions, improved fuel consumption and economy, more room in it, and an updated power train making the CRV more of a cross-over SUV that can compete with rival models from Ford and Nissan.

New Updates on the 2012 CRV Interior

New updates inside the CRV are rear-view camera which is built into the Honda CRV Navigation System Update, a USB port, Internet radio, Bluetooth, and voice text SMS messaging.  This will really suit a family who are constantly on the go and need entertainment options in their car – especially those that have young children on longer drives.  The navigation system is optional however, and that’s probably a good thing as many reviews state it to be confusing and not very easy to use.

Engine and Transmission Performance Levels

There have been some adjustments to the engine, but it’s not that vastly different from the 2011 model.  It is possible though to opt for the turbo-charged or V6 version which helps to compensate for the standard versions slow passing range.  Unfortunately there is only a five-speed gear box version on the market – so no six-speed option this year.

An Excellent Family Vehicle from Honda

However, the 2012 CRV does truly excel when it comes to being a family-vehicle.  It has very impressive safety scores, and the cabin is one of the largest and most comfortable in the class.  It’s easy to load-up with luggage and there’s a new center console which goes from the back of the driver and front passenger seat all the way to the dash.

What About Other Manufacturers?

If a family-sized SUV is high up on your shopping list then make sure that you look at other models from other brands before you purchase.  Other ones to consider are the Kia Sportage which comes with cooled front seats and a push-button ignition.  Also make sure that you check out the Toyota RAV-4 and Dodge Journey range.  They are all similar in price to the Honda CRV, but come with a sun-roof which is a must for a lot of drivers.

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