How to Stay Awake While Studying

Life as a student is the most hectic time of all. It totally makes older people wonder how these students, especially teenagers, manage all of their activities and enjoy them all at the same time. Students go clubbing, go to parties, hang out with friends, and talk with their friends for long hours before they go to bed. Because of these “extracurricular” activities, how to stay awake while studying when they need to, becomes their main struggle. If you are one of those students who needs to study and perhaps work, but loves hanging out and partying with friends, you will need to read on and find out ways to stay awake in class.

Never study while lying on your bed or on a cozy sofa. Study somewhere uncomfortable like on a set of study table and wooden chairs. When studying at night, cover your windows with curtains so you wouldn’t feel sorry for yourself having to stay awake while the rest of the world party or sleep. Keep your study area well lighted too.

Drink cold water, caffeinated or energy drinks to boost you up. Plus, they will make you feel uncomfortable by making you want to go to the bathroom soon.

Take breaks and do quick exercises. Go up and down a flight of stairs. Stretch out your arms and legs and jog around for a bit too.

Have snacks. When you are studying, you go hungry sooner or later. And when you are hungry, you can’t study. So grab something to eat, just don’t overfeed yourself or you’ll go sleepy again. Apple is good for stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Have you ever experienced waking up suddenly because you smelled something? Smell can rouse you up, whether it’s a good or bad smell. Essential oils like peppermint are good in reducing stress and increase alertness.

These are simple ways how to stay awake while studying that you can utilize when you don’t seem to keep those eyes open. Student can be the most exciting time of your life when you know how to manage school, friends and other activities together.

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