Try These Ways to Keep Yourself Awake

Whether you are just bored, or you are so short on sleep that you are having trouble remaining focused, finding ways to keep yourself awake can be quite a difficult challenge. Staying awake during the day is easy, but try to stay awake when you are supposed to be already in bed and you will find it is quite a challenge, especially when a job or an exam is on the line. There are times where it’s okay to drift off to sleep, but if you are at work, school, or especially out driving on the road, you can’t afford to fall asleep. If you can figure out how to stay awake in these important situations, you’ll be much safer – whether that’s job security, grade security, or life security!

The use of caffeine is a standard for trying to wake yourself up. This works in some situations, but you need to have other options as well. What if you are out on the road late at night and all the service stations you are passing are closed, so you can’t buy a soda? Or, you may encounter a professor who doesn’t allow people to bring drinks into class. If you can figure out how to stay awake without caffeine, you’ll be much more prepared for sleepy situations.

How to Keep Yourself Awake Under Different Circumstances

In class, you might try doodling to help stay awake. This is especially helpful if your main reason for drifting away is boredom; it has been proving that for some people, doodling can help retain a high level of attention a lot easier. If you are just plain tired, however, it may be a bit more difficult to figure out how to stay awake in class.

At work, consider working while standing up or moving around if possible. If your boss allows, perhaps play some upbeat music quietly in your working area to keep you motivated and your mind interested. Also, try talking to your coworkers and ask for ideas on how to stay awake at work. Be sure, as well, to stay hydrated, even if it’s just with water. Staying hydrated can actually be a lot more helpful than you realize!

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Awake

1. Choose cold over warm temperature. So make sure to crank up the AC to keep the heat away. Cold temperature creates discomfort, thus maintaining alertness. Go with cold water too. Drinking a glass of ice cold water literally refreshes your mind and body. Splash cold water on your face when you feel your eyes are slowly giving in.

2. Don’t starve yourself but don’t overeat as well. When your mind and body are under a great deal of stress, they use up a lot of energy. The best way to replace this lost energy is to eat. Fruits are a great source of glucose so make sure you have them with you. Candies, gums, nuts and seeds are also great snacks because they keep your fingers, tongue and mouth active and busy.

3. Listen to lively music. Sometimes, it is even important to play songs you know so you can sing along. If listening to music is not a good option (reviewing for an exam), then shift to your sense of smell. They say that peppermint increases one’s alertness and helps reduce stress too.

4. Move around as much as you can. Talk to your co-workers and have a good laugh once in a while. Or when taking breaks, watch a funny video or read funny blogs or articles.

Keeping Yourself Awake While Driving

If you are driving and you realize you are getting sleepy, you definitely want to do everything in your power to stay awake. This may be a recurring problem for you if you drive home each morning after working the night shift or if your job involves driving on the road late a night as is the case with taxi drivers and truck drivers. For people in these types of predicaments on a daily basis, driver fatigue is a very real issue and it is mandatory to find a way to stay awake on the road in order to protect your own life and those of others. A driver alert device will ensure that you don’t fall asleep since it rings loudly in your ear if you start to nod off. The price for such a device is nominal when compared to making an auto accident settlement with another driver whose car you hit.

So if you have been trying to figure out ways to keep yourself awake when you are feeling drowsy, try some of the suggestions above and you are bound to find one that works for you.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I get sleepy at work and during meetings. This device looks like it would be helpful.

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