How Many People Die From Texting While Driving?

Mobile phones are a necessity in today’s world. When you don’t have a mobile phone, it is difficult, if not totally impossible, to communicate with family, friends and other important people in your life. Business transactions too are made easier and faster through the use of mobile phones. Through the years, mobile phones or cell phones have been revised, updated and are made more user-friendly and multifunctional. In the past, cell phones were only used to make a call. Today, you can text a message, surf the internet, listen to music, do banking and play games all on your cell phone. Cell phones have so many functions and benefits that our hands never seem to want to let go off them. The funny thing is, cell phones also taught us to multitask. We can cross the street while texting or making a call. We can eat while texting too. In fact, we can almost do any task while also doing something else on our cell phones. Incredible, but dangerous. Texting while driving is one classic example. Texting on your mobile phone makes you stop looking at the road. It makes you remove one hand from the steering wheel. Most especially, it makes you think of something else instead of driving. In reality, is texting while driving dangerous enough to kill people? How many people die from texting while driving? The answers are yes, and a lot.

Dangers of texting while driving statistics reveal that a driver who text is six times more prone to get an accident than a drunk driver. A study shows that in 2009, around 5,000 people were killed in car crashes related to distracted driving, including cell phone use. These accidents only happened in the US, how about the rest of the world?

In the past, there was no concrete data to point out how many people die from texting while driving. But today, the government is on the move to regulate cell phone use as more information and studies reveal how damaging using cell phones while driving can be.

How many states have banned texting while driving

There are 19 states in the US that have banned texting while driving. Other states are following suit and are pushing to pass laws making texting while driving an illegal act. This dangerous habit has been taken so seriously by lawmakers and legislators that Senators are pushing a bill that punishes states for not enacting the law against texting and driving. The bill was designed to serve consequences to those states that do not implement the ban. The bill calls for the federal government to withhold funds that they would have provided for state highways to those states that take more then 2 years to implement the ban.

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