Good Power Steering Keeps you Safe

In order to stay safe will driving you need to maintain your car properly. This involves things like checking and changing the oil, checking the tire pressure, and so on. Something that is often overlooked is the power steering fluid.  If your power steering fails, this could be the cause of a fatal accident.

Checking the Power Steering Fluid

You can check the power steering fluid whether it is cold or hot, it doesn’t matter because there’s normally a line on the dipstick for both temperatures. Just be sure you know which line you’re looking at. First you’ll want to clean the crud off from the cap so you don’t knock any dirt into the reservoir. While checking the fluid, you’re looking for two things. The first is the fluid level, if it’s really low you might have a leak somewhere. You’ll want to poke around a bit to see where the leak is coming from. It could be coming from the pump or the lines. If the seals are gone in the pump you could be looking at a fairly pricey repair. The lines however are usually pretty inexpensive and easy to change.

The second thing you’re looking for is to see how the fluid looks. If it’s brown, then it probably needs to be changed. The power steering fluid should be pinkish or red. If the fluid needs to be changed it’s not a big deal. This is something that’s pretty easy to do and you can head over to Captain Oil Change. For more information check out this article about changing your power steering fluid.

When you are considering to buy a second hand car it is a good idea to check the steering fluid before you buy the vehicle.   Also, if you have the opportunity to drive the vehicle be sure that  the steering is smooth and that there is no excessive whining when you turn the steering wheel. It would be a shame to buy the vehicle only to find out later that you have to spend another $300 on a new power steering pump.

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