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Drunk driving accidents account for a third of car crash deaths in America. You can find many drunk driving articles all over the web that enumerate reasons why drinking under the influence is never a good idea. Despite all the information, laws and campaigns spearheaded by many organizations against drunk driving, there are still people who operate their vehicles under the influence. Laws in all states have been reinforced to zero tolerance to offenders to make sure the campaign successfully reduces if not totally eradicates alcohol related car crash deaths.

A Few Drunk Driving Facts to Consider

drunk driving articlesBased on drinking and driving facts, men are more likely to be driving while under the influence or intoxicated than women. In 2007, 83% of drunk driver fatalities were men, 15% were women. The remaining 2% accounts for index of error. Texas has the highest alcohol related car crash fatalities at 1,235 drunk driver deaths in 2009 and 1,269 drunk driver deaths in 2008. In America, one person dies every 45 minutes because of drunk drivers. These drunk driving statistics are staggering.

In 2009, all 50 states including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico set the alcohol limit. It is illegal to drive when the BAC is over 0.08. Still, alcohol statistics show that there were 35% of people aged 21 to 24 recorded with BACs above the limit. In fact, 0.17 is the BAC commonly recorded from drunk drivers involved in car accidents both on inner city roads and highways.

Alcohol is a potent substance that affects mental, emotional and motor functions of person. Tolerance is different from person to person. A glass of alcohol will be just a mood setter for one but it can already cause intoxication to others. A person is said to be intoxicated when there are already observed sign and symptoms like slurring of speech, aggressiveness, flushing of the face, dizziness, vomiting and inability to maintain proper gait and balance. Driving will absolutely be out of the question for a person showing these signs and symptoms.

Drunk driving facts are showing us the catastrophic result of driving under the influence. Injuries and deaths each year from DUI vehicle accidents continues to be unacceptably high. If you know you will be drinking, you should plan ahead for how you will get home. In cases where you really need to drink at an important occasion, then it is best to have a designated driver do the driving for you on the way home to avoid driving drunk. Fines and jail time are temporary consequences of drinking and driving. Injury and death can be the permanent results.

Some Tips from Drunk Driving Articles on the Internet

Many drinking and driving articles offer tips to avoid or prevent getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. Here are some of them:

  • Tell yourself to never drink and drive at the same time and consider it written in stone. There’s no better solution then prevention. If you really need to drink then have someone sober enough drive you home.
  • Never ride in a car that is driven by someone who you know has been drinking. Many alcohol related car crashes do not only take the lives of their drunk drivers, but their passengers as well. Furthermore, be a good friend and stop anyone of your family or friends from driving while intoxicated.
  • Avoid driving at the wee hours of the morning because this is the usual time when drunk drivers drive home. If you share the road with an intoxicated driver, there are risks to watch out for. Keep as much distance as you can from a car that seems to be driven by an intoxicated driver. Do not attempt to pass them quickly or they might get aggressive and race you up.

Read more information from other drunk driving articles you can find on the web. These articles commonly discuss prevention of drunk driving, statistics to conclude that drunk driving can cause fatal accidents, effects of alcohol and laws that prohibit driving when drunk to help you understand drunk driving consequences. If you have teenagers that have just received their driving license, you may want to point them to teenage drunk driving articles so that they understand the risks they would be taking if they drive under the influence.

The Personal Tragedy

Many lives are taken each day because of driving under the influence. There are so many drunk driving stories all over the web that are heart breaking. In December 2010 a DUI news article reported that a father and son, Steven Uselton 44 years old and Douglas Uselton 17 years old, were killed in a car crash. The drunk driver, Rafael Lopez, 18 years old, hit Uselton’s car at a very high speed when he ran a red light at Buena Park, CA. The Useltons died while Lopez survived with minor injuries.

The one thing that repeats itself in many of these drunk driving accident stories is the involvement of teenagers. While not every drunk driving accident involves a teenager, many do. Teenage drunk driving stories abound. Here is another example. In January 2010, Charlotte Blackburn, 17 years old was killed instantly after a car struck her while she was walking home with a friend. The drunk driver was 20-year-old Ryan Ellmore, who was a friend of Charlotte’s. A court heard that Ryan was so drunk that he was thrown out of the pub prior to the accident. Ryan was found guilty and sentenced to only 8 years in jail.

The following is another drunk driving that ended in tragedy. In February 2008, 18 year old Rachel Elliot of Fallbrook, California died in the hospital a day after her car was hit by a drunk driver. Elva Diaz had been speeding down while on a wrong side of the road and smashed into Elliot’s car. Diaz had a blood alcohol content level of .20 at the time of the accident. She fled from the authorities after posting bail but was recaptured in 2010.

Sad drunk driving stories like these should be a lesson to everyone. Many beautiful and promising young lives have been taken as a result of drinking and driving. Today, you can read many blogs, testimonials and articles on the web that warn again driving drunk. The government, along with many organizations have worked to strengthen laws to arrest drunk drivers which has lowered alcohol related car crashes and deaths.

Drunk driving stories from the victims’ family and friends serve as a wakeup call to negligent drivers and to everybody else. It is not just our lives at stake when we drive under the influence, but also the lives of many people. We should learn how to be responsible drivers at all times. Around 20,000 people die in car crashes in America each year because of alcohol and drunk driving. Drive safely and don’t be a part of the statistics and drunk driving articles that you read.

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