Driving Safety Slogans

Our driver’s license is given to us once we are able to pass the driving exam. But prior to taking a driving exam, most people enroll in automobile safety driving courses mainly to learn how to drive defensively and drive safely. We are taught road rules and guidelines, and reminders to take note of in order to ensure driving safe habits. The lessons and car driving tips for beginners are aimed towards a safer driving experience and reducing the number of car accidents related to negligent driving practices and are meant to become our driving safety slogans for life. However, many only seem to follow all of these during their first weeks of driving around town. As days go by, and our driving skills get better, we tend to forget to remind ourselves what we were constantly taught during our classes. We become more and more relaxed and comfortable on the road, we sometimes forget to be cautious or worse, we start violating safety tips and road rules. Because of this, clever people have thought about ways to make us recall how to be careful on the road. One of which is making use of driving safety slogans.

Driving safety slogans are those catchy phrases that generally tell us, mostly in creative and figurative ways, to drive safely. For example, “Slow down! Your family will be waiting for you!” or “Over the limit, under arrest!” Driving safety slogans are surprisingly very easy to remember and to memorize so they are very effective in serving their purpose. If you are teaching your teenager to drive, don’t expect them to read driving safety articles, as they probably won’t have the patience. Instead, teach them some driving safety slogans that they will remember for their entire driving history. 

Driving safety slogans are posted everywhere to remind us that when we drive, we are responsible for each and every life on the road, be it your own or the lives of others. Ignoring the slogans when you see them may change your life forever. So take a good look and take the advice. For instance, “No one wants to see you black and blue or dead, so how about letting a sober friend drive instead.”

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