Distractions While Driving Statistics

Car accidents can happen to anyone, but they especially happen to those who are not vigilant on the road. Each year, many people are involved in road accidents and a significant portion of these accidents are fatal. Even minor car accidents can be debilitating and traumatic to both drivers and passengers alike. There are many identified causes of car accidents. Some of these include drunk driving and drivers falling asleep at the wheel. But most of the time, car accidents are caused by distracted drivers whose concentration on the job at hand has been comprised. Distractions while driving statistics show that there are three types of distraction and each one of them are as dangerous as the other.

Visual distractions are anything that catches your eye and takes your focus off the road. It may just be a quick look, but take note that accidents can happen in a snap too. Always stay vigilant!

It may not be your eyes wandering off but your mind, which is equally dangerous. Focus and alertness should come hand in hand. Exhaustion, lack of sleep, hot weather and boredom can cause the mind to want to shut off or go lazy resulting in a distracted driver. Be prepared to do some mind tricks that can stimulate your mind back on track.

You should keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. That means you should avoid talking on phone while driving, reaching out for things in the glove compartment, adjusting your mirror or radio settings as well as anything else that will take your hands off the wheel. If you are driving with a passenger, ask them to do the task for you. When you need to adjust car settings, you can pull over and do it while the car is not moving.

Distractions while driving statistics also advise against applying make-up, reading a book or newspaper, lighting up a cigarette, attending to your children or pets on board while driving. Always feel free to pull over to a safe spot whenever there is a need to do something that takes your attention away from driving. Distracted driving, no matter how small the distraction, can cause disaster on the road and endanger the lives of many.

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