Distracted Driving

This infographic, created by Orange County lawyer Chris Purcell, shows the increasing hazard faced by California drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists due to distracted drivers on the road.

The majority of Californians consider distracted driving to be the biggest hazard in our state today – even more of a concern than drunk, drugged, or drowsy driving.  Nearly every person in this state can easily describe a time when they have been put at risk by a car driven carelessly by a driver who has made the choice to use a cell phone or to text while behind the wheel.  This is a choice that puts the convenience of the driver above the safety of their community, their passengers, and even themselves.

The data shows that at any given time, nearly a tenth of the vehicles on California roadways are being driven by a person who is texting or using a handheld cell phone.  Citations for these crimes are increasing each year.  Sadly, the use of cell phones is estimated to be a contributing factor in nearly 1/4 of all collisions in the United State.

Distracted Driving


Chris Purcell is a personal injury lawyer handling complex personal injury, car accident, and wrongful death cases in Orange County, California – visit http://www.purcell-law.com


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