Cell Phone Driving Statistics

You can’t possibly do your daily activities without a cell phone today. Cell phones are very useful and handy especially when it comes to making communication from person to person accessible. Today, cell phones are even made more affordable so that everyone seems to have one for themselves and one for each family member. Cell phones are so much integrated in our lives we already fail to see the dangers they pose, especially when used improperly. According to cell phone driving statistics, cell phone use while driving increases the possibility of road accidents. Using a cell phone, whether dialing, answering a call or texting, is far more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.

Moreover, cell phone related car accident statistics report that there are two cell phone use behaviors that contribute to distracted driving conditions. One is handling the phone. This includes making or answering a call, text messaging and the like. All of these require that you look at your phone, you take off one hand from the steering wheel and you divide your attention between your phone and your driving. The second one is the conversation in the call you just made. Emotions are usually projected in the things we currently do. So when you are having a difficult call, your driving will most likely change too. Moreover, simulations done in the past also show that people having conversation on their cell phones while driving become unaware of some traffic signals.

Today, there are no concrete cell phones while driving statistics to pin point the exact number of accidents related to cell phone use alone. But a lot of studies report that cell phone use in an endeavor that requires full attention is indeed harmful. Because of that, a lot of government agencies are working hard to regulate the use of cell phones while driving, but there are laws yet to be created to strengthen this project. Cell phone use is very beneficial when they are used properly, but they pose great threats to our lives once misused. Consumers should have the right behavior towards the use of cell phones.

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