Car Safety Features

Buying a used or new car is exciting, but take your time to check that you are buying a car that meets your needs. It is also important to check the car safety features to ensure that the car has all the important modern car safety features needed. Here is a list of things to look for in car and why:

  • Seat Belts

Your seat belt can be your first line of defense during a crash. It prevents you from colliding with the steering wheel and dashboard upon impact. Your seat belt will make sure that you stay inside your car and not get thrown out during a strong collision. New seat belt features include adjustable upper belts, seat belt pretensioner, energy management features and rear center lap or shoulder belt.

  • Air Bags

Like seat belts, air bags also keep you from colliding with your steering wheel, dashboard and windshield during an accident. Airbags have become one of the standard safety features of a car however older cars may not have air bags. Today, manufacturers are equipping side air bags, also known as SAB, to protect your head and chest during an impact particularly on the side of the car.

  • Anti-lock Brake System

ABS prevents the brakes from locking when a driver panics and applies brakes vigorously. This will allow the driver to steer and still control their vehicle. Some anti-lock brake system has brake assist that senses the speed and force applied on the brakes and boosts them as needed.

  • Traction Control

One of the safety features in cars that isn’t always though of is traction control. This safety feature is very important particularly during the wet season. It adjusts the output of the engine and applies brakes to the particular wheels during acceleration.

  • Electronic Stability Control

Another not often though of safety car features is electronic stability control. This is helpful when a car starts to oversteer or understeer. It will apply the brake on a wheel by coordinating both ABS and traction control systems to reduce side swaying or rolling.

  • All Wheel Drive

Traction is greatly maximized with all wheel drive because the power is evenly distributed both on the front and rear wheels.

  • Crumple Zones

One of the most impressive new car safety features today are built-in crumple zones. They only let cars crumple on portions where there are no people during a crash.


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