Car Driving Tips for Beginners

The first thing and only thing you want to do when you first get your driver’s license and probably, a new car as well, is to show off. You feel exhilarated, proud of yourself and very eager to drive for the first time. Though some new drivers take defensive driving courses, it is still best to take note of some important car driving tips for beginners before stepping on the gas.

1) Put on your seat belt. If you don’t make it a habit to wear a seat belt right off the bat then you will never want to put one on. When you are taking your friends with you, make sure they put on their seat belts as well. Anyone teaching you how to drive properly will emphasize the risks of not putting on your seat belt. Believe what they say. A seat belt can save your life.
2) Check your car settings. Adjust your mirrors, steering wheel tilt and make sure you are comfortable in your seat before turning on the engine. Most people forget to do this and remember to adjust them while they are already driving. This can be a distraction that can cause you to get in a car accident.
3) Stay focused on the road, and be alert for road signs and rules. Furthermore, take note of different signals whether traffic signal lights or signals from the car in front of you. These signals let you know what to do and how to react.
4) There is a reason why cars were invented with horns – to serve as a warning. So in order for you to be able to hear it, you should maintain your radio volume at a minimum. Along the road, you will encounter ambulance, fire fighter trucks and other vehicles. They have sirens so that you can hear them from afar and give them the space they need to pass by. Similarly, avoid using earphones when you are driving as you won’t be able to hear what’s going on around you. If you must use an earphone for your mobile phone, make sure it is in one ear and not both. Be aware whether talking on the phone while driving is even allowed in the state you live. If it is not you will need to install a speaker in your car for your mobile phone or not speak on the phone while driving at all, the best alternative.

Driving with a teacher is entirely different then driving on your own. Once you have your license and are driving on your own, you can’t only rely on the car driving tips for beginners mentioned here, he must also be a defensive driver looking out for others you are not driving safely to avoid a collision with them. Always remember that the safety of your passengers and other on the road is your responsibility.

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