Reasons to Ban Cell Phones While Driving

In as much as we want the world to be better, we create new technology to make life easier. Surprisingly, whenever we create something new, new problems also arise. Cell phones, for example, were invented to make communication easier and faster however, some of the benefits of cell phones are irresistible even to those behind the wheel and there is therefore a campaign to ban cellphones while driving in most states.

We are able to talk to our family and friends who are in faraway places with just a couple of keys to punch. Today, cell phones are becoming more high tech than ever. We are also able to connect via internet, listen to music, do banking, and entertain ourselves with mobile games. Everyone seems to be enjoying the benefits of having a cell phone, but what about the downside? I can name two main concerns both the government and scientists are working on. First is the possible health threats cell phone usage may pose to consumers. Scientists are still studying the effects of cell phones on the human body. Cell phones emit RF energy, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Second is regulation of cell phone usage while driving. Different states are still on the move to ban cell phones while driving. A lot of people do not recognize the danger they are in, and that’s the reason why the government is hard up to impose regulations.

There are several reasons why the government should have cell phones banned while driving. Scientific studies show that in a year, around 2,000 deaths from car crashes are linked to cell phone use. A driver should always maintain focus on the road and he cannot do that when he is talking on his cell phone. Conversations on the phone will not always be pleasant and the emotions created by the phone call can distract the driver. Handheld or hands-free cell phones used when driving can cause as much distraction a hand held phone.

Many people may believe that talking on the phone while driving is as harmless as listening to the radio, but statistics are showing another side of the story. With these results, the government should be more determined in convincing its people and ban cell phones while driving.

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