5 Safety Tips For Bicycle Riders

Safety is very important when riding your bike. If you love bike riding, you should be aware of the following safety tips.

  • Always wear the proper safety accessories – Safety accessories are not fashion accessories, they are worn to prevent injuries. A bicycle rider should always wear his helmet, shin guards, elbow guards, and gloves. For those who are extra careful, mouth guards can be purchased. Do not ride a bike without wearing safety accessories unless you want to suffer from injuries in case of an accident. In most countries, it is illegal to ride a bike without safety accessories.
  • Always be ready to stop – It is very important for every biker to be ready to stop. Be ready to stop in case a person or an animal tries to cross your path. Because readiness to stop is very important, it is advised for every bicycle rider to make sure that his breaks are working. If you are riding a fixie which does not have any breaks, you will need to learn the technique on how to stop that type of bike.
  • Ride on the bike paths – In most countries, there are designated paths or lanes which have been made for cyclists. Use these paths if available. If you are to ride on an open road, it is ideal to ride near the sidewalks. Motorists never drive on great speeds when near the sidewalks. But ride far enough from parked vehicles. You do not want to ride into a pared car’s opening door.
  • Never ride against the traffic – You should never ride against traffic because doing so could lead to very serious accidents. Always go with the traffic. Remember that, like other motorists, you are subject to road rules and regulations. There is a very low chance for you to experience any accident or break some laws if you ride with the traffic. Always obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Learn bicycle hand signs – You also have to learn hand signs so that the cyclists or motorists behind you will know if you will stop or if you will make a turn. Extend your left arm if you want to indicate that you are turning left. Before turning right, you can extend your right arm. An alternative sign when turning right is to raise your left arm but bend your elbows and point your forearms and palm to the sky. The first sign is more ideal.

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